Dr. Waleed FouadAbobatta


Abobatta Dr. at Horticulture Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, he’s a member of Scientific Committee for Greenhouses Plantation and a member of Scientific Team for National Campaign for Navel Orange improvement.

Abobatta one of the Editorial Board Members in many journals like Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (AFF), http://www.sciencepublishinggroup.com/j/aff, Advances in Agriculture and Environmental Science (AAEOA) http://ologyjournals.com ,Advances in Plants & Agriculture Research http://medcraveonline.com  and member of International Advisory Board Members of Journal of Harmonized Research https://www.johronline.com/editorialboard.aspx     ,Associated Editorial Team of  IEREK Press http://www.ierek.com/press/index.php/Baheth   ,  Also, Abobatta member of Reviewer Committee of International Academy of Chemical, Civil & Environment Engineering (IACCEE) http://iaccee.org/committee.php

Dr. Abobatta Judge of Intel BASEF competition from 2014 till now and Judge of Egyptian Inventors Syndicate, he’s one of Jojoba experts in MENA region, also, he’s a member of Board of Environment Friends Society, and member of Scientific Society of Flowers and Ornamental Plants.

He’s consultant of Nano application in the agricultural sector, Magnetizing treated water in agriculture, Biodynamic and Clean agriculture in the Arabian region.

Abobatta involved in a number of researchers in his field of expertise, he has many scientific publications.



  1. Nanotechnology

  2. Epigenetics in the Agricultural sector

  3. Innovations in Agriculture

  4. Application of Nanotechnology in Field of Agriculture

  5. Scientific Research.

  6. Lab Safety and Security.

  7. Climate Change.

  8. Bio-Fuel Production.

  9. Strategic Planning.

  10. Sustainability Development.

  11. Wildlife Protection.

  12. Biodynamic and cleaning Agriculture.

  13. Project Planning and Management.

  14. Environmental Protection.

  15. Plant Physiology and Stress Physiology.

  16. Dry lands Agriculture, Irrigation.

  17. Agribusiness.

  18.  Greenhouse.

  19. Biotechnology.


Dr. Abobatta has many publication and lecture in Nanotechnology, Epigenetics, Environmental, Sustainability, BioDynamic Agriculture, clean agriculture and Magnetic Agriculture and involved in a number of researchers in his field of expertise.