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Dr Waleed Fouad Abobatta


 Dr  at  Horticulture Research Institute (A. R. C.), Member of Scientific committee for Greenhouses Plantation (ARC), Member of Scientific Team for National Campaign for Navel Orange, Coordinator of Foundation committee for Arab Federation for Wildlife Protection, Member of Board of Environment Friends Society, Judge in IA S E F Competition, Judge in Egyptian Inventors Syndicate, Member of Arabic Scientific Club (Arab League ), Member of Scientific Society Of Flowers and Ornamental Plants.

  • Publication:

  1. Chemical studies on grown jojoba oils under Egyptian conditions -2015.

  2. Growth and Fruiting of Valencia orange trees- Lampert Academic Publishing – Germany- 2015.

  3. Influence of Magnetic iron and K- Humate on Productivity of Valencia Orange Trees (Citrus Sinensis L.) under Salinity Conditions-2015.

  4. Effect of Humates compound and Magnetic iron on growth and fruiting of Valencia orange trees- 2014.


  1. Scientific Research.

  2. Strategic Planning.

  3. Sustainability Development.

  4. Wildlife Protection.

  5. Biodynamic and cleaning

  6. Project Planning and Management.

  7. Environmental Protection.

  8. Plant Physiology and Stress Physiology.

  9. Dry lands Agriculture, Irrigation.

  10. Agribusiness, Greenhouse.

  11. Biotechnology.

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