Improvement Citrus Production Under Salinity Conditions ” Introduction”

Citrus is suggested to be one of the most important fruit crops all over the world, especially in warm temperate regions, occupied the third position between fruit crops in the world after grapes and apples.

Moreover, Egypt ranks as the 8th among the world top 10 producers of citrus (FAO, 2013).


                      Citrus Orchards

The citrus is a major fruit crop cultivated in Egypt as its acreage, production and exportation potentialities are concerned.

It is the largest horticultural industry, also, citrus cultivated area increased rapidly from year to year during the last few years, reached 530415 feddan in 2014 from the total fruit crop area, which estimated to be 1541781 feddans, the fruiting acreage of citrus occupies 440706 feddan produced 4402180 tons with average of 9.989 tons/ fed. (Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation2014).


Salhia  Region- Egypt

Extension of the cultivated area is due to:

I) fit environmental conditions.

II) increasing demands of local consumption.

 III) its highly economic value as a main source for exportation to the European countries and the Gulf countries, which is expected to boom in the future, such extension in area encourage establishing more studies towards finding out an appropriate management for improving the production and fruit quality.



             Salinity of soil and irrigation water and drought conditions are considered to be serious and major problems that face citrus growers in arid and semiarid areas and citrus trees are classified as salt-sensitive.

            In Egypt, the newly reclaimed regions, whereas, alkaline soils and salinity water  reduced citrus production.


            Effects of  Salinity on growth of trees

                Citrus growers apply natural materials (natural organic fertilizer forms like animal manures or seed meals, Humic Compound, Magnetic Iron ) for perceived or real improvements in soil physical, chemical, and biological properties, but the main benefit appears to be increases nutrient availability, to reduce salinity  hazard on trees growth and productivity.





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