Role of Nanotechnology in Horticulture production enhancement

Nanotechnology is a newly initial field in recent decades on a commercial scale, in the same time increasing pollution rates in various agricultural products is a serious problem need quickly solving to increase exporting our agriculture products,
Nano materials promise many stimulating changes to enhance different crop production and fruit quality.

We must manage to increase production efficiency of different horticulture crops, increased soil vitality and decreased costs as possible and decreasing the pollution, with using novel sciences such as nanotechnology in products, could be counted as the best solution to this problem.


Also, Nano materials is using as antifungal in many fruits, vegetables and flowers to improvement shelf life, as Nano Silver Particles which have been used as antifungal to increased vase life of different kinds of flowers.
Also, zincoxide nanoparticles using microbial approach, postharvest of banana, carrot, tomato, onion and etc.


Several papers funding that nano-packing material had quite beneficial effects on physicochemical and physiological quality of products compared with normal packing material.
Therefore, the nano-materials may provide an attractive alternative to improve the preservation qualities of fruits, vegetables and other valuable horticultural crops which reduced costs of different horticultural products.

This lecture highlights some recent benefits of the use of nanotechnology for horticultural crops production.


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